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Industrial Training Institute shall strive to set exemplary standard for continuous quality improvement in skill building and utmost trainee satisfaction. Equipping unemployed youth by employable skill. Meeting demand of Skilled manpower of Industry.

To inculcate technological skills amongst youth to empower them for gainful employment through technical & vocational education; and to enhance productivity of formal & non-formal sector of economy by having close interaction with industry.
"To provide an outstanding holistic education for our students characterized by successful training and emotional well-being that provide firm foundation for the next stage of their learning and fully prepare them for life in a rapidly changing 21st century".

(Ravinder Kumar)
Govt. ITI Maujabad, Gurgaon)

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Asst. Information Officer Dupty. Supdt.
Application Fee 10/- page
Weather action is being taken on received apllications? Yes
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Clean India Day will be observed on 02 Oct.
Always wear protective Gear while working.



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